The background which is the photograph which was able to be taken better
[ it is new and ] than thing is the evening glow of the Mekong river)

Handle name:Awanokami
Real name: Nobuyasu Komiya
Calligraphy name:Ryuutai
Haiku poem name:Awanokami, Drunk moon
Age: Unknown
Raw country: Tokyo
Breeding: Awa country
Previous offenses: Nothing
Hobby: The trip of wandering, calligraphy, a haiku poem , japanese chess
Sport: Golf , three steps of karate-do
Family: One wife, two daughters (another household), two cats
Motto: Free
Collection: Folk-customs whistle
Body defect: A right knee compound fracture,
duodenum excision stomach 2 / 3 excision, backbone fracture, right third finger point cutting
Favorite food: fermented soybeans, grated radish, the dried food of a scad, sliced raw fish,
seasoned beef with potatoes that the paper made, and a taro carries out.
A favorite drink: If it is sake, Shaoxing, and other alcohol, it is also with what.
Favorite music: Modern jazz, Janese enka,
A favorite musician: Dave Brubeck, Thelonious Monk,
A favorite actress: Julia Roberts, Sayuri Yoshinaga, Michele Morgan
A favorite player: Tetsuya Watari,
A favorite politician: Nothing
A favorite novelist: Miyagi Masamitsu Tani, Lu Hsun
A favorite thing: A friend's talk is heard, drinking hot sake in a tavern.
poor reckless lover:personal computer , others -- a lot
A disagreeable person: Those who swagger
A disagreeable thing: It is ordered [ being scolded, ].
A disagreeable thing: A bogy, a space monster,
A thing weak: Farewell